General News

03/15/07 Quagga & Zebra Mussels Notice from NPS

Please take a moment and review the notice sent from the NPS in regards to the growing problem of Quaggga and Zebra Mussels and how they can effect local waters and your boat! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ!

03/15/07 Lake Level  WiFi Update:

As an update on the lake level, as of March 5 2007 the US Bureau of Reclamation prediction for Lake Powell is a low elevation of 3596.75' at the end of February 2007; a high elevation of 3617.76' at the end of July 2007; with the lake dropping to 3614.41' by the end of September 2007

As of this date WiFi is expected to be available on the Wahweap Marina for all the Moorage Customers.

Aramark continues to maintain news and information concerning their marinas at Lake Powell on the web @

02/14/07 Calendar Added

We have added a visual calendar that shows trip usage and reserved off season usage. Check it out here.

02/01/07 Lake Point Management

As part of your 2006 Annual Meeting a resolution was passed to contract with Lake Point Management to handle day to day administrative duties for Midnight Magic, Inc.  To find out more about Lake Point Managements' services please feel free to visit their website @ or to contact them directly by email @ or by phone @ 801-898-2527.